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 Programme for 2020-21

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Just to let you know what the society has been up to while we have been in lock down. 

We were in the in the process of applying to the Purple Plaque committee of the Welsh Government to commemorate Martha Gellhorn who lived in a house at Kigwrrwg, she lived there for 14 years but of course everything was on stop when the Corona Virus hit the country.  We have started negotiations and it looks as if we will be successful in acquiring a Purple Plaque.  Of course, there is always the question of funding these events and with the added complications of the virus we are still trying to work out a solution.  We have received some generous donations but if anyone has any other brilliant ideas of how we can fund this event, please let me know.


The plaque has been made by a local potter, Julia Land at her base in Chepstow.  It is ready and waiting but due to the pandemic we have been unable to hold an unveiling.

We are planning as soon as the conditions have improved and we are allowed to meet once again we will discuss a new date for the ceremony.


I have attached a short biography of Marthy Gellhorn written by Nancy Cavill who has researched the lady's journalistic and personal life, I hope you find it interesting.  Click here

- Dorothy Brabon


The Society can be contacted by email  secretary@shirenewtonlocalhistorysociety.co.uk


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Shirenewton Local History Society was established in 2001 to support and stimulate the study and understanding of the local history of this corner of Wales. The society's area includes the villages of Shirenewton, Mynydd-bach, Earlswood and West Newchurch, together with the adjacent parish of Itton-with-Howick.

The society is building up a picture of the area's past, who the people were, where they lived and how they went about their daily lives. The society also helps members and visitors explore the history, geography, architecture and traditions of the area from prehistoric sites such as Gray Hill (pictured on the left) to the parishes' industrial, agricultural and cultural past and to make information and advice available to groups and individuals who share our interest.

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