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 Programme for 2019-20


Please note that the March and April meeting have been cancelled following government guidelines re the Coronavirus

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Shirenewton Local History Society

Shirenewton Local History Society was established in 2001 to support and stimulate the study and understanding of the local history of this corner of Wales. The society's area includes the villages of Shirenewton, Mynydd-bach, Earlswood and West Newchurch, together with the adjacent parish of Itton-with-Howick.

The society is building up a picture of the area's past, who the people were, where they lived and how they went about their daily lives. The society also helps members and visitors explore the history, geography, architecture and traditions of the area from prehistoric sites such as Gray Hill (pictured on the left) to the parishes' industrial, agricultural and cultural past and to make information and advice available to groups and individuals who share our interest.

Cymdeithas Hanesyddol Lleol Drenewydd Gelli-farch

I chwi ymuno a ni yn ein taith ymchwil o hanes etifeddiaith lleol. Cewch gyfle I ddarganfod am y gorffennol, pwy oedd y bobl, eu cynefin au bywyd dyddiol. Cewch hefyd bleser darganfod trysorau hynafol a tystiolaeth o arferion cyn-hanesyddol y pentrefi a cefn gwlad. Er mwyn darganfod mwy, tarwch y botwm...

The society can be contacted by emailing the secretary Contact us