Edward Joseph Lowe FRS 1825-1900

Edward Lowe lived at Shirenewton Hall between 1880 and 1900.

A wealthy man, his forebears had been textile merchants in Nottingham They also married wealthy ladies.

A Gentleman-Scientist, he was able to pursue his interests using his own money.

From an early age he made daily detailed measurements of the weather. He telegraphed his data to The Times in which his measurements were published.

As a young man he was one of a small group who founded the Meteorological Society.

In Astronomy, he collaborated with other scientists on such phenomena as the Northern Lights and Shooting Stars.

He was in a party of scientists led by the Astronomer Royal of the day who sailed to Northern Spain to witness a Total Eclipse of the Sun.

When he was living at the Hall, he continued a life-long interest in the cultivation of Ferns. He wrote a number of beautifully illustrated books on the subject. He was able to produce many fern hybrids which he exhibited at RHS shows and he won many prizes.

He was corresponding with many scientists of the time. He was a Fellow of many scientific societies. In particular he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society – a very prestigious honour.